Edelkrone Tripod X Can Automatically Level Itself at the Push of a Button

Edelkrone has made some clever camera accessories, from their self-locking tripod and rail-and-wheel-free camera slider to their programmable motorized jib. They have quite an impressive lineup. This time around, they’re bringing something pretty special with the Edelkrone Tripod X.

Designed to make tripod adjustments a simple push-button affair, the motorized accessory can automatically level itself at the push of a button, as well as raise and lower by simply pressing the matching controls. It moves fast, too, with a maximum speed of 120 cm per min, allowing you to get the tripod at a desired height and level it in very little time.

The Edelkrone Tripod X is a motorized tripod that can fold down to 28 x 8.3 inches (length x diameter) when collapsed, so it’s easy enough to stash in the back of your car or a closet somewhere in the house. Being a motorized accessory, though, it’s pretty heavy at 19.8 pounds, so it’s not exactly going to be fun hauling it around if you’re going on foot. Good news is, once you’re set up during a shoot, you won’t have to expend much energy manually adjusting and leveling the tripod, since it can perform all adjustments all by itself.

A control panel right on the tripod features a display panel and a series of controls that let you make adjustments at the push of a button right on the device itself. There are up and down buttons that let you quickly raise and lower it, as well as left and right buttons that can slow down or speed up the rate in which the automatic adjustments occur. According to the outfit, it can adjust in height from 63cm to 148 cm with the tripod set up to occupy minimum footprint, as well as adjust from 34cm to 140cm when spread out fully to take as much floor space as possible.

The Edelkrone Tripod X also has a big round button that activates the auto-leveling function, triggering it to make the necessary adjustments all on its own. It can level itself even when placed on uneven ground, allowing you to set up along slopes, staircases, and other surfaces with very little work on your part. There’s also a power button for switching the motorized functions on and off, as well as a menu button that lets you fiddle with the settings or trigger a motion timelapse, with the tripod automatically making height adjustments through the course of recording.

The tripod is rated to support camera setups up to 44 pounds, so you can put on the heaviest rigs on this thing and it will perform its auto-adjustment functions without any issues. Do note, it does get pretty loud at 60 decibels, so the outfit recommends lowering the speed if the noise it produces is going to be an issue with any recordings you’re making. Other features include a press-and-release spreader, a 3Ah power tool battery rated at up to 300 adjustments, and an upcoming companion app. Do note, it’s not weather-resistant, so the outfit recommends using primarily indoors and only using outdoors in mild weather.

The Edelkrone Tripod X is available now, priced at $2,599.

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