Automate Your Backyard Farm With Edyn Smart Garden

We’ve seen plant sensors that can stick into a pot and tell you exactly when it’s time to water and fertilize. The Edyn Smart Garden works in a similar way, except it performs that duty for an entire garden rather than an isolated potted plant.

Designed to monitor up to 250 square feet of land, a single sensor should be good enough to handle monitoring for most backyard gardens. It can work on any type of soil (except frozen soils) growing any of over 5,000 plants, keeping a constant eye on temperature, humidity, light intensity, and soil electrical conductivity.

The setup consists of two parts: the Edyn Garden Sensor and the Edyn Water Valve. The former is a solar-powered, WiFi-connected device that stakes into the ground and sends all information it collects to the accompanying app where you can view reports on soil nutrition, moisture, light, and temperature, among other pertinent variables, both historical and in real-time. The latter, on the other hand, is a similarly solar-powered device that connects to your outdoor standpipe and drip irrigation system, automatically releasing water depending on commands it receives from the Sensor. It can also be manually operated from the app. Both devices come with onboard batteries that can be replenished from the outlet if you foresee cloudy, sun-less days ahead.

Oh yeah, the system can also analyze whether you’re planting the right type of plants based on your lot’s existing conditions. If you aren’t, it will recommend alternative plants that are more likely to thrive, ensuring a more efficient gardening experience.

The Edyn Smart Garden is currently raising funds for a production run from Kickstarter. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $99.

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