Eezi-Awn Pitches A Heavy-Duty Tent On Your Vehicle’s Roof

Sometimes, I just want to drive, park in the middle of nowhere and sleep there.  Problem is, sleeping in your car is rarely the recipe for comfort.  When you’ve got an Eezi-Awn Roof Tent, though, it’s a whole different deal.

As the name implies, it’s a tent that’s designed to set up right on the roof of your ride.  That way, you can build yourself a portable shelter without needing any more space than your car currently occupies.

The Eezi-Awn comes in two main varieties – the Series 3 and the T-Top.  They’re similar in construction and design, with the latter getting an extended roofline, along with extra tented room on the ground, right next to your vehicle.  Both types can install on almost any SUV or pickup, as well as some cars and, in at least one instance, a two-seat ATV.

Each tent is made from heavy rip-stop canvas, designed to hold warmth in, keep cold out and shed both rain and snow without struggle.  It wraps around an aluminum framework that guarantees the rig will stand up to winds gushing at up to 60mph.

A 2.5-inch thick dual-density mattress sits on top of each plywood-encased base platform, providing cushy and insulated flooring.  Mounting is done over your vehicle’s existing roof rack or load bar system (you’ll need to confirm whether the tent you’re ordering will fit into your existing frame).

Basically, the Eezi-Awn is an industrial-quality tent designed to go on the roof, instead of being pitched on the ground.  It’s available in a variety of sizes to fit different vehicles and shelter requirements, with prices starting at $1,800.