This Neat Pet Crate Makes Your Dog Look Like A Nefarious Supervillain

We’re not entirely sure why, but the ei2 eiCrate makes an erstwhile wireframe cage look like a futuristic living pod. And it does that without fancy blinking lights, moving mechanisms, and bleeping spaceship noises. Seriously, the cage makes that dog sitting inside it look like a nefarious supervillain and it’s awesome.

Sure, this is still just a cage designed to keep your pooch from going wild and biting your boss on the leg the next time you have a party at home. With its dome-like shape and rounded doorway, though, the thing looks way cooler than any traditional cage. Throw on a plush cot, strap on a few amenities, and your dog gets his own space-age bachelor pad to call home.

Created by Go! Pet Design, the ei2 eiCrate is a dome-shaped cage designed for smaller dogs up to 35 pounds in weight. Measuring 25 x 34 x 31 inches (height x width x floor diameter) with a 16-inch tall passageway, it can fit other smaller pets, too, including cats, lizards, and cloned baby dinosaurs. It comes with a 16-foot tall wireframe door with dual sliding locks, although it can also be ordered sans any door if you don’t anticipate an occasion that requires locking Spot up in his cage.

Construction is tough steel wires that are cut, bent, welded, and powder coated by hand from the outfit’s Philadelphia-based studio, with rubber lining on the floor. The cage can be split and nested into two halves, making for easy storage and cleaning.

The ei2 eiCrate is available now, priced at $1,200.

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