Your iPhone 7 Is Now A 1984-Era Macintosh PC


Remember that awesome Apple Watch stand that turned your smartwatch into a mini-Macintosh? That was awesome. So awesome, in fact, that they returning to the same well with the Elago M4 Stand, which does the same thing for your iPhone.

Designed for iPhone 7, 6S, and 6, the mini-Macintosh has an opening on the side for slotting your device, effectively turning the phone’s display into the mini-PC’s integrated monitor. It’s meant to function as a nicer-looking charging dock, although you can use it as an oversized case for those times you want to use your phone like a mini-PC from 1984.


The Elago M4 Stand is made from silicone, so it’s soft to the touch and gentle on your $900+ gadget, ensuring it won’t leave it with any nicks or scratches. There’s no glass on the screen opening, by the way, so you can freely interact with the phone’s touchscreen, all while holding it as a slightly-tilted angle, leaving the phone perfectly usable even while on the dock. Oh yeah, you can even access the volume buttons, since there’s a slight opening on the left hand side of the screen for reaching into it with a finger (no such facility for the lock button, though).

Features include a push groove on the left side for easily ejecting your phone out of the dock, a special coating to give the silicone dust resistance, and two color options (beige or black). It measures 131 x 149 x 110 mm (height x width x depth).

Available now, the Elago M4 Stand is priced at €34.95.

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