Elago W3 Stand Turns The Apple Watch Into A Mini-Macintosh PC


There’s nothing about the Apple Watch to suggest any likeness to the original Macintosh PC. With help from the Elago W3 Stand for Apple Watch, however, that all changes, giving you a way to turn your modern smartwatch into mini-personal computer straight out of 1984.

Whether for use in your bedside table or the desk at the office, this thing lets you dress up Apple’s wearable like a mini-PC, giving it a little extra whimsy while it performs desk clock duties. No, the display won’t turn into the antiquated monochrome display of the old graphical-based computer, but it should make for an adorable display all the same.


The Elago W3 Stand has a compartment to hold the Apple Watch right behind the display slot, with a pass-through cable at the bottom for inserting your induction charging dock, in case you want to juice up the wearable while it’s being adorable on its new Macintosh dock. It’s made from a soft and flexible silicone material, so there’s zero risk of scratching your watch, with a design that puts the watch on its side for Nightstand mode compatibility. It can work with both the first- and second-generation Apple Watches, all while serving as a functional stand for any other timepiece, albeit without the novelty of looking like a legit mini-Macintosh from the 80s.


Available now, the Elago W3 Stand for Apple Watch is priced at $13.99.

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