This All-Electric 1978 Ferrari 308 GTE Quietly Pushes Out 415 HP


Ferraris and electric drivetrains don’t exactly go hand in hand (unless it’s a Ferrari-inspired golf cart). At least, not yet. That, however, doesn’t stop anyone from retrofitting an old Ferrari with an all-new electric drivetrain and that’s exactly what happened with this all-electric Ferrari 308 GTE.

Created by San Diego-based custom builders Electric GT, it’s an erstwhile regular-looking 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS that’s been meticulously restored from fire damage to its current incarnation. And that current incarnation is an all-electric road beast that trades in the roaring V8 for a quiet trio of 75kW electric motors.


Don‘t worry, the Electric GT Ferrari 308 GTE’s motors don’t leave it as an underpowered shadow of its former self. Instead, it pushes out 415 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque, making for a ride that should run and accelerate at a comparable pace to the vehicle’s original incarnation (I mean, the original car with just 200 ponies). An array of 48 3.3-volt lithium-ion batteries feed it enough power to travel up to 80 miles in a single charge, although the battery pack can be upgraded to extend that to a 200-mile range.


With the new drivetrain, it can blaze the streets at high speeds of up to 156 mph, so this should deliver a satisfying driving experience on the open road. Features include a 2005 Porsche G50 transaxle, a cable shift kit from Patrick Motor Sports, adjustable coil-over QA1 suspension, CNC manual dual master cylinder brakes, 18-inch wheels, and a curb weight of 3,350 pounds.


Hit the link to Electric GT’s website to learn more about the electric Ferrari 308 GTE.