Electric Piano Gloves Let You Play Keyboards On Tabletops

Want to kill some time playing music without an actual instrument in tow?  Now you can with the Electric Piano Gloves, hand wear that lets you magically “turn any surface into a piano.”

Sold by novelty gadget purveyor Brando, the gloves come with built-in electronic components that play single notes every time one of your fingers hit a surface.  Each tip of the gloves pipes a different note when activated, so you can play a decent range of songs with it.

Both Electric Piano Gloves are wired to a control unit, where you can alter a variety of settings.  You can switch between eight different instrument sounds (piano, xylophone, bass, music box, violin, guitar, trumpet and drums), as well as choose among 20 different background rhythms.  Granted, the tunes aren’t anything to write home about (they have sample videos at the website), but it sounds like a great way to kill time (and eardrums).

The gloves themselves measure 150 x 205 mm each and looks like they should fit most adult hands.  Speakers are built-in to the control unit, which is powered by four AAA batteries.  In case you’re at a loss on how to begin playing, they threw in six sample songs, too, with instructions on how to recreate them.

The Electronic Piano Gloves are available now, priced at $35.