Electronic Drum Machine T-Shirt Lets You Bust Out Beats Anywhere

Music generating t-shirts has to be one of the most entertaining-slash-ridiculous novelties we’ve seen in a while and what better way to welcome in a brand new 2012 by jammin with your friends while looking ridiculous and cool at the same time .  The latest addition to this lineup, an Electronic Drum Machine Shirt, takes the awesomeness to the next level, putting a perfectly playable drum machine with looper right on your top.

If you’re tired of carrying a compact drum machine for busting out beats whenever you’re in the mood, this thing should make for a decent substitute.  While we doubt it can satisfy beat-layering needs for actual pros, it does make for an easy way to drop beats while you friends freestyle some lame bars that one of you will shamelessly post on Youtube.

Just like the rest of Thinkgeek’s musical tees, the Electronic Drum Machine Shirt sports removable electronic components (so you can wash the garment), paired with a volume-adjustable mini-amp that attaches to your belt.  The shirt puts nine built-in drum kits at your disposal, each with seven distinct percussion sounds each.   Tap on one of the pads to start creating a rhythm, which you can store as a loop up to 3 minutes long.  You can tap all seven pads at once for a really thick sound, as well as mix and match sounds from different kits into the same loop.

After making a loop , you can layer more beats over while you play it back, giving you a wide swath of complex rhythms to play with.   Suffice to say, you can come up with some pretty fancy tracks using this thing and you don’t even need any serious skills to play.

The Electronic Drum Machine Shirt is available now, priced at $29.99.