Electronic Music Synthesizer T-Shirt Puts A Mini-Moog On Your Chest

Remember the drum kit shirt and guitar shirt?  Now, you can add another piece to your growing musical ensemble with the latest wearable instrument: the Electronic Music Synthesizer Shirt.

Just like their two previous releases, the shirt is completely playable, allowing you to make an embarrassing mess while you try to impress your cute co-workers in the break room.  Better yet, you can have them play it.  Then, close your eyes and imagine they’re touching you for an entirely different reason…

The Electronic Music Synthesizer Shirt has a large synthesizer graphic right on the center with a fully playable set of keys.  As in, you can make music fiddling with them.  Not just that, you can wow captive audiences in the subway playing up to eight keys at a time (8-voice polyphony), all while switching between five different sampled instruments.

It comes with a retro-style portable amp box that you can clip to your shirt, belt or pants pocket.  Plug in the cable that runs under the shirt, max that volume and you’ll be pumping out mad tunes while trolling the city streets.  The electronics are actually detachable, too, so you can wash the shirt without ruining everything (not that we’d impose, but we heard you sweat a lot).

Electronic Music Synthesizer Shirt is available in different sizes, with prices starting at $29.99 for the smallest.

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