Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt Puts Six-String Sounds On Your Clothing


Why strap a heavy guitar around your neck when you can wear it on your shirt?  Sure, the Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt doesn’t bring along a real six-string, but you won’t know that when you hear it play.

Yep, it really plays.  Strum it by waving the included magnetic pick (it comes with two, since all rock stars lose picks a lot) over the body, all while pressing down on specific areas of the fretboard.  It can only play all the major chords (each upper and lower bar on the fretboard corresponds to one, with the open position playing E), but it’s not as if your musical tastes truly span beyond that (really, it does?).


Like other wearable fake instruments, the Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt includes some amount of electronics attached to the the graphic, along with the pre-recorded, distortion-laced sounds.  All electronic components can be removed for washing.  It also ships with a mini-amp that clips on your belt, so you can play it with as much noise as anyone around you will tolerate.

If you have friends who own the T-qualizer and the T-shirt drums, you can finally gather them together to form your own band.  Just make sure to stick to simple three-chord numbers (which is about half of the pop charts and 75% of all punk recordings) so your shirt can manage the sound.

The Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt is available from ThinkGeek for $29.99.  Check out the video below to get an idea of how stupid cool you will look when playing it.

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