Snapchiller Is A Tabletop Machine That Turns Hot Coffee Into Iced Coffee In 60 Seconds


We’re big fans of the Coldwave, a pitcher-and-insert combo that turns hot coffee into undiluted iced coffee in just two minutes. Problem is, you can only make a single serving at a time, requiring you to have multiple inserts to make more than one.  If you want to be able to serve multiple cups of iced coffee at a time, you need something like the Elemental Beverage Snapchiller.

A tabletop ultra-high-speed blast chiller of sorts, the device can take one serving of freshly-brewed hot coffee and turn it into iced coffee in just 60 seconds. That means, you can make four servings of undiluted iced coffee in just four minutes, allowing you to make as much of the delicious beverage as you want without long waits in between.


The Elemental Beverage Snapchiller can take 12 ounces of hot coffee and cool it down to icy temperatures in 60-second batches, all while doing it without oxidation, dilution, or additives. This allows it to preserve and enhance all the distinct flavor of coffee, ensuring you get to enjoy every note the way it was meant to taste. Even better, the machine can be fine-tuned to dial in on the ideal settings for any type of coffee, so your caffeinated beverage can be chilled at the precise temperatures that works best for its kind. Aside from coffee, it can also be used to quickly cool down teas, cocktails, and any other kind of drink, making this a potentially useful addition to any kitchen, all while coming with a rinse mode that allows you to clean the pertinent sections without doing any scrubbing in the sink, essentially doubling down on its convenience.

Does it produce better iced coffee than other methods? We don’t know. According to the outfit, of course, it does, since the speed in which its cools the drink down means the coffee has very little time to chemically break down, allowing you to get it to desired temperatures well before the aroma and flavor dissipates into the air. The catch? It’s expensive, as the machine is currently marketed strictly for commercial use, although well-heeled consumers who don’t mind spending a few thousand dollars to beef up their coffee-making arsenal can definitely get in on it, too.


For the rest of us, Elemental Beverage is selling canned and bottled iced coffee that have been produced using the appliance under the Snapchilled Coffee brand, which should give folks a preview of the kind of beverage the machine is capable of making. So far, they sell three varieties of canned coffee, each one made from single-origin beans from Ethiopia, Columbia, and Borundi, respectively. The varieties, by the way, will change a couple of times per year, depending on which beans are in season during each time period.


The Elemental Beverage Snapchiller is slated to ship in the fourth quarter of 2019, priced at $5,995. The canned Snapchillers, on the other hand, will retail at $29.95 for a six-pack, while the 750ml bottled beverages will retain at different prices, depending on the kind of beans they use.

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