X1 Everest: If Mr. Glass Had A Pool Table, It Would Probably Be This One


Having a pool table is awesome. Once you’ve had one in your game room for years, though, we understand how seeing another one can feel pretty stale. All that felt and wood sort of begin to look the same, even if you mount it on top of a Mustang, build it on a speedboat, or hide it under a dining table. The X1 Everest Pool Table from Elite Innovations should offer a refreshing reprieve.

Cut in glass and metal, the table brings an entirely new dimension to your cue sports setup, whether you’re outfitting the game room in your own house or installing gaming equipment at a high-end bar. Seriously, I’ve never seen a pool table this stunning, making for a really unique take on the familiar bar staple.


The X1 Everest Pool Table combines an all-metal frame with an all-glass body, with glass liberally used all throughout the construction. Seriously, from the looks of things, it looks like they originally wanted to make this completely in glass, then decided to throw in metal wherever better structural strength is needed just as a compromise. Even the cue rack and ball rack combine glass with minimal metal framing to really round out the transparent theme.

Since playing pool on a glass surface isn’t likely to turn out well, the sections normally covered in felt is coated instead in Vitrik, which we have seen used in pool tables that use glass as the main playing surface. According to Elite Innovations, the material ably replicates the rolling resistance of felt, so you’ll still suck at getting the ball to fall in the pocket like you normally do. The same material also serves as a shock-absorbing layer for the glass underneath, ensuring it won’t nick, scratch, or shatter no matter how many rounds of nine-ball you play. Just as important, it can retain this rolling characteristic for the material’s entire lifetime, so it should be just as good a decade from now as it is today.


It’s important to note, though, that previous applications of Vitrik for glass pool tables have required they be played with balls that are custom-built to work with the material, lest risk actually damaging the glass surface. There’s no word on whether that is the case here, although it’s probably prudent to assume that’s the case.

For customization, the X1 Everest Pool Table’s metal components can either be powder-coated, chrome-plated, gold-plated, or coated in glossy automotive paint. You can also have multi-colored LEDs installed on the bumpers for playing in the dark, with a companion remote letting you cycle through different colors to set the mood for the game. And, yes, it’s compatible with the outfit’s table tennis top, which you can snap on top of the pool table to turn it into either a ping pong table or a functional dining table.


Only five X1 Everest Pool Tables will be built each year. No pricing has been announced, but with its limited production, we imagine this is going to cost you plenty.

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