Elliptical Machine Office Desk

Treadmill workstations are great for getting exercise while performing cubicle duties.  But you’re an elliptical kind of guy, so you’ve held off on getting one.  The Elliptical Machine Office Desk could be what you’ve been waiting for.

A versatile work space, you can use it in three ways: with a regular office chair, with the included elliptical machine or as a standing desk.  That way, you can keep the same desk for both active exercise and passive calorie burning, as well as when you finally realize that an office gym is just as terrible an idea as a home gym (and you’ve got the home shopping network receipts to prove it).

The Elliptical Machine Office Desk includes two main components: a wide desk with enough space for two computers and a semi-recumbent elliptical trainer.   The desk, which sports a white laminate surface and a metal base, can be moved anywhere between 27 and 47 inches off the floor at the push of a button.

Instead of having to stand as with the elliptical trainers in the gym, the included machine comes with a padded office-style chair with backrest.   It can slide along the frame for adjusting distance, as well as swivel.  Like every modern gym equipment, it comes with its own display (4 x 6 inches) and control panel, where you can adjust resistance electronically and monitor various workout information.

According to the product page, the Elliptical Machine Office Desk can help you burn an average of 4,000 calories in a typical workweek if you use it in low-impact mode.  Not bad for something you can be doing while browsing Facebook and pretending to work.    Hammacher Schlemmer has it for $8,000 which off course is a lot of dough.

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