Ember Baby Bottle System Automatically Heats Up Baby’s Milk Formula To Perfect Temperatures

Ember is best known for their rechargeable self-heating mug, which can keep your coffee at the same warm temperatures for up to an hour. This time around, they’re applying a similar heating technology to your baby’s feeding with the Ember Baby Bottle System.

Billed as “the world’s first self-warming baby bottle,” they made a feeder that can heat up baby’s milk and formula on the fly, ensuring everything you give your infant is at the perfect temperature. No more guessing if it’s too hot or not hot enough – this thing ensures precise feeding temperatures every single time.

The Ember Baby Bottle System doesn’t use an integrated battery on the bottle similar to their self-heating mugs, which should make it safer, especially for those times your infant wants to hold the bottle by themselves. Instead, you set down the bottle on the included base unit, whose onboard battery and heating elements go to work, warming up the bottle’s contents to the desired temperatures. This allows you to just leave the milk or formula on the base unit until it’s time for baby’s feeding, with the device ensuring it stays at the same 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit the entire time it sits there.

The bottle, by the way, can accommodate 6 fl. oz. of contents and can be initially heated up in around five minutes, so even when your child is screaming to be fed, wait is very minimal compared to how long it will typically take. Plus, there’s no testing needed, sparing you from having to put the bottle under running water to cool it down and checking over and over whether the milk or formula is still too hot to be safe for feeding. Suffice to say, this thing is way faster and a lot more convenient.

The Ember Baby Bottle System comes with onboard sensors that detect both the bottle’s content levels and its current temperature, so it knows exactly how much heating needs to be done to get to the precise temperature while preserving all its nutrients. According to the outfit, the base unit’s onboard battery only holds enough charge to perform two heating cycles of five minutes each, so you’ll probably want to keep it plugged in, unless you’re taking the baby outside and plan to feed them there. Aside from the bottle and the battery-powered base unit, it also comes with an Insulating Thermal Dome, which you can use to keep milk and formula chilled and fresh for up to four hours after you take it out of the fridge – very useful if you plan to bring the baby out with you to get some fresh air.

Like other modern gadgets, it comes with a companion app (iOS and Android) that alerts you when the bottle you’re currently heating has reached the desired temperatures. You can also use it to plan your child’s feeding schedule, apart from giving you a log of all the times your baby has been fed, which could be useful information, especially for your pediatrician.

The Ember Baby Bottle System, hands down, makes your infant’s feeding a lot more convenient. However, you will only get to enjoy that convenience at a pretty steep price, as it retails for $399.95.

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