Emergency Cufflinks Make Sure You’re Properly Accessorized When Needed

Formality calls, but you left the cufflinks on the dresser at home?  Never be under-accessorized again with the Emergency Cufflinks, a functional set of men’s jewelry designed to hide inside your wallet.

Created by Wallet Essentials, the cufflinks are cleverly stored as cutout pieces inside wallet-sized steel cards.  Just push a pair out, bend the two ends and, like magic, you’re instantly dressed to impress for that big interview.  Now, if only you had any real marketable skills…

The Emergency Cufflinks come in sets of four, housed inside a 9 x 5.5 x 0.3 cm stainless steel card, designed to go conveniently in your wallet.  That way, you can be the most disorganized man in the world, yet still manage to have cuffs fastened like a real responsible adult.  Assuming you don’t forget your wallet, of course.

Whether you’re attending an impromptu wedding, meeting with bigwigs or trying to impress a hot lawyer, you’ll never have to do it with unsecured cuffs again.  Of course, the super slim design doesn’t exactly come across as super-stylish, but they’re way smoother than any alternative.  Plus, if someone really notices, we’re pretty sure having a card-sized set of cufflinks in your wallet will make for interesting conversation.

You never know when formality strikes.  Be ready when it does with the Emergency Cufflinks.  It’s available for £3.99.

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