Emergency Flares Without The Burn – The Lite Flare


Flares are awesome, but if your car conks out a lot when you drive at night, you can easily burn through a whole lot of them.  Think of the Lite Flare as your extended emergency blaze, offering a more practical alternative to incendiary flares.

Armed with two AA batteries, it can flash for a total of 400 hours, taking the place of over 700 regular flares.  It’s safer (no more burns), cheaper (in the long run) and takes less room in your road emergency kit.   Even better, it’s extremely durable (high-impact polycarbonate container), allowing you to leave it on the road without breaking, even if other vehicles run over it.


Each Lite Flare is housed in a small 4.5 x 4 x 1 inch molded frame and weighs a light six ounces.  The clear enclosure fits in two ultra-high intensity LED lighting panels, in either red or yellow colors.  With a visibility range of one mile in the dark, other motorists should see the blinking lights around your car well before they come any closer.

Of course, it’s not half as cool an actual flare (anything with burning fire is always awesome), but it sure makes chaining off traffic emergencies a heck of a lot easier.  Managing over 54 blinks per minute, it should offer a good way to give yourself seizures, too (just stare into it wide-eyed).

The company recommends lining three separate Lite Flares together, as the minimum recommendation for ideal visibility.   Sets of three are available directly from their website for $33.

[PowerWerx via ToolMonger]