Vintage Electric’s Newest E-Bike Brings Vintage Porsche Character


We’re big fans of Rod Emory’s modified vintage Porsches, which update the classic cars with modern tech and performance parts. This time around, the famous mechanic lends his hand to the Vintage Electric Outlaw Tracker, turning out an electric bike that brings the same unique character as his highly-exclusive customized Porsches.

No, the electric bike won’t run like a friggin’ sports car, so don’t get your hopes up on that end. Instead, it’s an erstwhile standard e-bike that’s infused with Emory’s signature design language, as found on the Emory Outlaw 356 Porsches.


For instance, the Vintage Electric Outlaw Tracker gets the same bucket headlight with mesh grill as the customized Porsche, along with a signature Carrera Silver metallic paint finish. It’s powered by a 3,000-watt three-phase hub motor that allows it to run at top speeds of up to 36 mph, while the 702-Wh battery, which sits in a heat-dispersing aluminum enclosure at the center of the frame, will keep the bike running on pedal-assist for a maximum of 35 miles. Do note, going that fast on an electric bike isn’t quite legal in many places, so it comes with a street mode (you just have to remove a key) that caps the speed at 20 mph.


Features include a hydroformed aluminum frame, moto-inspired inverted fork, tracker-style handlebars, hydraulic disc brakes with regenerative braking, 36-spoke wheels, and 26-inch Schwalbe Fat Frank tires. It’s limited to an exclusive 50 units.

Available now, the Vintage Electric Outlaw Tracker is priced at $7,000.

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