EMX Is An E-Bike With No Pedals, Gears Nor Chains

We’ve seen an ever-growing field of electric bicycles that teeter the line between bicycles and motorcycles, from the high-speed Stealth Bomber to the downhill-going FX Mountain Moto.  Might as well add another one to this interesting lineup: the motocross-inspired EMX.

At first glance, the electric mountain bike looks like your standard pedal-assist MTB.  Except, when you look closer, there’s actually no pedals to assist.  In fact, there’s not even any chain or gears, which makes the “bicycle” classification really iffy.  According to the company, removing all that hardware allows it to be lighter than many electric bikes in the market, tipping the scales at just 73 pounds (with motor and batteries in tow).

The EMX comes in two versions: Cross and Street.  The former is the off-road model, with a top speed of 34 mph and a range of 50 miles; the latter is meant for street use, with a top speed of 16 mph (hence, it’s a bicycle) and a range of 81 miles.  A “turbobutton” available on both versions pushes the bike to accelerate at the highest possible pace, allowing you to reach max speeds in a very short time. Max driver weight it can handle is over 300 pounds, so most folks should have no trouble getting on this thing.

Both versions feature frames from Pacific Cycles, a brushless hub drive, a Panasonic NCR battery package, RockShox Boxxer suspension fork, RockShox Kage R rear suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, 20-inch tires and a display panel on the handlebar showing current speed and battery state.  They’re also waterproof and weatherproof, so you can drive them in the rain, over puddles and in the middle of a soaker gun fight without incident.

The EMX is available now, priced at €5,880.

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