Color-Blind People Can Use The Enchroma CX Sunglasses To See The World In All Its Hues


Color blindness is currently incurable for majority of people who suffer from the affliction. And while seeing the world in incomplete hues is a whole lot better than being devoid of vision, it still can cause problems in one’s everyday existence (e.g. being able to tell when the traffic lights change).  A new pair of sunglasses called Enchroma CX can help with that.

Unlike regular sunglasses that reduce color definition by darkening the view, this eyewear will actually allow majority of color-blind people to see the world in full color. It does this by selectively reducing the transmission of specific wavelengths of light, resulting in stronger color signals getting sent to the brain.


The key to Enchroma CX is a proprietary coating called Digital Color Boost that’s applied to the lenses (over a hundred coats each), which delivers brightness, contrast, and clarity of color to color-blind individuals wearing them. This same coating is also harder and more scratch-resistant than glass, so the lenses should be just as durable as you favorite pair of eyewear. It can block UV rays like regular sunglasses, too, so your eyes remain protected, apart from repelling water, dust, and smudges, so they’re easy to clean with your favorite microfiber patch.


The catch? It only works on brightly lit areas, like outdoors in the middle of the day, so it won’t quite save you from your red-green color blindness in most indoor situations and at night. Still, it should prove a game changer for most individuals born with the affliction.

The Enchroma CX is available in a variety of fashionable styles, as well as custom-fit for your own set of frames. Price starts at $324.95.

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