Engage WirelessLCD Lets You Use Your PC Like A Tablet…Within 30 Feet

If all you use a tablet for is a second, more portable computer around the home, then the Engage WirelessLCD might be able to play the part all on its own.  A widescreen touchscreen LCD in a handheld form factor, it can replicate the computer desktop over a wireless connection so you can control it from afar.

Designed primarily for use in classrooms and presentations, the device can be used as a central console for controlling what's shown over a computer-connected projector.  That way, teachers and presenters can move around freely, all while having access to the desktop controls right on their hands.

The Engage WirelessLCD is a tablet-style LCD, with a resistive touchscreen that makes it usable with either your fingers or a stylus.   Display measures 10.1 inches, with a maximum 1024 x 600 resolution.  Connecting to your Mac or PC over WiFi (point-to-point), it will show all displays intended for your monitor, including videos, making it a handy, untethered movie viewing machine that you can bring along for your… uhmmm… bathroom entertainment.  The onboard battery can keep it running for 3.5 hours straight.

We're not sure if they intend to sell this to individual consumers, but it can make a case for a lot of people who want to use their computers without being tethered to a desk (like when you want to surf your favorite blog while watching American Idol) and don't want to buy a tablet.   Since it's being primed for schools, we're assuming purchases need to be in bulk, though.

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