Engrave Your Book Puts Etched Artwork On Your Leather Book Covers


All your gadgets may look snazzy, but your notebooks and sketchbooks still look like they're from 1999.   Give them the makeover they deserve with a sexy leather cover.  While you're at it, have the damn things engraved with stunning artworks from Engrave Your Book.

Why stop with a leather cover when you can customize the thing to your heart's content?  The company offers a selection of artwork from artists around the world (artists get 15% of the sale), along with various custom designs that can be etched onto the leather, making whatever paper material you slip between the folds look smashing when you pull it up.


Each book cover is handmade from full-grain cowhide, right from the company's facilities in Portland, Oregon.  All the leather is dyed with natural bark tannins and should age gracefully (darkening to a honey-like hue) with use.  It features a two-piece, stitched design that eliminates bumps when you slip the book covers into their corresponding slots.  The inner front flap also includes a card pocket, while the rear flap sports an elastic strap.


Seriously, check out the selection of laser-etched art you can throw on the leather - some are quite elaborate and downright gorgeous.  Even better, you can create your own art that you can have adorning the cover (there are guidelines to the file formats, though, so make sure you check it).  Want a notebook with your own cartoon likeness?  If you can draw it, they can probably manage.

The Engrave Your Book leather covers are available at a price of $60 for the pocket version and $80 for ones that fit larger notebooks.

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