EniCycle Makes The Unicycle Easier To Ride, Your Clown Dreams Might Still Come True


Ever wanted to be a circus clown but failed because you can’t ride a unicycle?  There’s hope for you yet with the EniCycle, a goofy-looking, self-balancing, one-wheeled motorcycle.

Created by Slovenian inventor Aleksander Polutnik, the EniCycle is a single-seater vehicle that runs on one wheel.  Instead of having your clumsy ass try to keep balance while moving, though, the bike does all the work for you, fostering a learning curve of no more than thirty minutes.  All you have to do is sit on the stool and lean where you want it to turn (and honk your nose, of course, if you’re riding it as a clown).

Unlike regular unicycles, the 28kg EniCycle puts pedaling and balancing out of the equation.  Acceleration is handled by an integrated 1000W electric motor that manages a top speed of 15 km/h.  Power is courtesy of an onboard 44V 10Ah battery pack, which juices the ride for up to 30 kilometers on a single 5-hour charge.  A stabilizing gyroscope allows the vehicle to keep itself upright, without requiring any special effort from the rider.

Ready to chase after your dream and run away with the circus?  Not so fast.  Polutnik is still looking for funding to bring the EniCycle into production.  See the video below from UK program “The Gadget Show” to see it in action.

[EniCycle via Oh Gizmo]