ENO Roadie Car Stand Lets You Set Up A Hammock Anywhere


Finding a place to set up a hammock is easy enough. Just find trees, poles, or some other fixture you can strap it down to. What if you want to set up a hammock even without a suitable fixture to strap it down in sight? Not a problem with the ENO Roadie Car Stand.

Consisting of a pair of poles attached to individual bases, it gives you an instant place to hang your hammock without having to scout the area for the perfect spot. Whether you’re spending the day in the backcountry, the beach, or even a parking lot somewhere in the city, this thing lets you set up your hammock, so you can hang and chill all day.


To use the ENO Roadie Car Stand, simply park your car in the exact spot you want to set up your hammock and take the two poles out. Slide the base of one pole under the front tire until it’s secured, then take the second pole and do the same on the rear tire. That’s it. From there, you simply strap down the ends of your hammock to each of the poles and plop down. The poles, by the way, rely on the weight of the car to stay upright, so they recommend using it with vehicles that weight at least 2,500 pounds.

Construction is powdered-coated steel for the poles, which can pack into a bag measuring 30 x 18 x 11 inches for convenient transport. Do note, maximum supported weight for anyone thinking of plopping down on a hammock suspended on the setup is 250 pounds.

Available now, the ENO Roadie Car Stand is priced at $199.95.

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