ENO SuperNest Is The Giant Hammock Every Backyard Deserves

No, it’s not the kind of hammock you roll up and strap to your pack the next time you go on a hike. This thing just folds up way too big for that. Instead, the ENO SuperNest Hammock is the kind you set up in the backyard, so you can spend lazy afternoons lounging with family and friends from the comfort of your home.

A large and spacious hammock, it’s got enough room to comfortably fit a couple of people lying down, making it a comfy spot where adults can relax and kids can play. Basically, if you’re looking for ways to make your backyard a more inviting place to hang out in, this thing gets the job done in an instant.

The ENO SuperNest Hammock has a lounging surface that measures 8 x 4.7 inches (length x width), which is large enough to fit two people on their backs, multiple people sitting down, and a whole bunch of small kids being rowdy. Yes, it should fit your buddy who’s sized like Andre the Giant, too, as the hammock surface and the cables holding it up are rated to support up to 400 pounds.  Just make sure to hook its carabiners onto something that can support that amount of weight if you’re planning to max out the payload on this thing.

Because it’s sized to lie down two people, it has an innovative 3D geometry that, the outfit claims, allows the hammock to contour in two separate directions. That means, it’s able to support its two occupants independently, so you can lounge in it the way you want without affecting your co-occupant’s enjoyment.  Aside from being more comfortable, this two-way design is also supposed to improve the hammock’s overall safety and stability – something you won’t normally get when you’re trying to cram two people in a regular hammock.

The ENO SuperNest Hammock has two long pillows that can attached right over the spreader bars, so there are plush raised sections at each end of the hammock to comfortably lay your head on. There are also hanging pockets on each side, so you can keep your phone or whatever other item you’re carrying in a safe place while you doze off on the hammock, rocking side to side. Construction is UV-resistant olefin body fabric with breathable polyester lining and trims for the hammock, anodized aluminum for the frames, and marine-grade stainless steel for the hardware, so this thing should hold up to the rain, sun, and snow it’s bound to encounter when you keep it suspended in the backyard.

Don’t have trees or sturdy posts situated in the backyard that can hold up all that weight? Not a problem, as ENO is also selling the SoloPod XL stand, a 63-pound standalone frame made from powder-coated steel that’s designed specifically to support the size and payload capacity of the SuperNest, giving folks a viable option if they’re willing to spend the extra dough (yes, it’s quite pricey).

The ENO SuperNest Hammock is available now, priced at $299.95.

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