Use The Envavo Heatbuff To Keep Your Fingers Warm And Limber During Long Gaming Sessions


Do you ever find it difficult to mash buttons while gaming and type out long diatribes on Facebook because your hands are too cold? Well, you might just be the target market for the Envavo Heatbuff, a desktop device that warms your hands by directing heat waves its way.

Originally designed for professional gamers, it’s an infrared short wave heater that warms the hand during play, ensuring your fingers are limber enough to react to everything that happens onscreen. That way, you can play in an air-conditioned room (or enter data on a spreadsheet) for hours on end without having to take your hands off the keyboard and rub it together for warmth multiple times per hour.


The Envavo Heatbuff looks like a miniature soundbar that you place right in front of your gaming keyboard. Because it’s IR-based, the device can produce heat at precise temperatures, so you can have the perfect amount of heat aimed at your hands the entire time. It can be adjusted at various angles, too, so it will work whether you prefer your keyboard on desk level or situated just a little higher, with a packable design that makes it easy to transport from one tournament to the next. Do note, it’s not USB-powered, so you’ll have to plug it into a wall outlet or power strip to get things running.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Envavo Heatbuff. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $71.

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