Blister-Proof Your Feet With The Enzees Foot Soother


Like most folks, you spend most of the day wearing closed shoes. Whether you spend that day training in the gym, grinding at the office, or hiking on a trail, your feet are always at risk of acquiring blisters. The Enzees Foot Soother can help with that.

A tuft of all-natural New Zealand lambswool, you simply wrap it around high-risk sections of the foot before slipping on your socks to keep it from rubbing against the shoe’s liner material. Whether you regularly battle blisters or simply wish to take preventative measures, this thing will help banish blisters, corns, and callouses from your regular existence.


The Enzees Foot Soother is a small pile of soft, fluffy fleece that you can break apart, then shape, tuck, and wrap around parts of your feet that need extra protection. Because it’s wool, the strands weave securely into the sock fibers, ensuring they stay in place even through rigorous activity without the need to hold them down with tape. More than shielding your skin, the wool’s naturally-occurring lanolin serves as a natural moisturizer, softening the skin to reduce any friction when brushing against the shoe material, while wool’s moisture-wicking properties should help prevent the build-up of odor and sweat.


Do note, it’s strictly for use as a preventive tool, so if you already have blisters or open wounds, you might want to look at medical solutions, instead. The fleece is reusable, by the way, so you can get a lot of mileage with this if you don’t mind wearing the same wrap a few days at a time.

Available now, the Enzees Foot Soother is priced at $11.95 for an 18g tuft.

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