Epic Wipes Are Towel-Sized Wet Wipes For Cleaning Your Entire Body


Wet wipes are awesome, since they let you clean up with a moistened, hygienically-treated towel on the go. Problem is, they’re too darn small, making them perfectly suitable for wiping down your face and hands, but a little undersized for everything else. That won’t be a problem with these Epic Wipes.

A supersized version of those disposable wipes, it’s 16 times larger than a standard towelette, allowing you to wipe down your entire body if needed. If you’re looking for convenient ways to clean up during camping, while traveling, or after workouts, this thing offers a solution like no other product in the market.


Each Epic Wipe comes neatly folded in a pocket-sized pack, allowing you to square one away in a jeans pocket, a backpack pouch, or any other small storage area. It measures 31.5 x 19.7 inches, making it big enough to function like a small bath towel, so you can use a single one to clean your entire body (we recommend face first and butt last, although that’s up to you). While you can throw them out like regular disposables after one use, they’re actually reusable, with enough toughness to survive multiple washings.


The wipes, by the way, are made from bamboo viscose, which account for their toughness (they can be ripped apart, but you’ll need to use real force). Do note, it’s scented, although they use eucalyptus essential oil for the mild fragrance instead of harsh perfumes.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Epic Wipes. Pledges to reserve a sampler pack (four individually-wrapped wipes) start at $14.

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