Hitch A Ride On Snowmobiles With This Equinox Snowcoach


A snowmobile is easy enough to ride. Tolerating the freezing wind while you’re riding at speed across the snow, on the other hand, is just a little tougher. For those days you want to join the gang, but can’t bear the cold, you can just hitch this Equinox Snowcoach to a buddy’s ride and string along in comfort.

Designed to attach to snowmobiles, it lets you take a ride across the winter landscape without having to put up with the elements. That way, you can travel like a beautiful princess ferried by horses on a carriage driven by a royal guard, except you’re being hauled by a snowmobile that your cousin, Jimmy, is driving. Oh, yeah, and you’re a dude.


The Equinox Snowcoach is a closed sleigh that you can hitch to snowmobiles to extend the passenger count on each ride. Yes, you can probably hitch them to flying reindeers, too, but we’re not sure if it can stay level on air, so you might want to bring a parachute, just in case (actually, we’re sure it definitely won’t, so bring that parachute). Sized to sit two people, it measures 72 x 45 x 52 inches (l x w x h), with a structure strong enough to hold up to 350 pounds of weight. Features include a limited rotational hitch, performance gas shock suspension for clearing rugged snow terrain, seat belts, body reflectors, and brake/running lights. There’s also an optional ATV conversion kit, just in case you hate riding ATVs in the backcountry during the summer, too.


Available now, the Equinox Snowcoach retails for $2,000.

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