This Kit Bundles Everything You Need To Enjoy Your Favorite Summer Festivals


If you’re planning to attend one (or more) of the many outdoor festivals being held during the summer, then it pays to get your gear stash in order. Yes, you can get a standard camping kit to simplify your shopping, although that will likely be more geared towards backcountry campers than festival merrymakers. The Equippr Summit Festival Camping Kit, on the other hand, should have exactly what you need to keep you fully-equipped for a weekend of partying.

Unlike regular camping kits, the set isn’t geared towards outdoor survival. While surviving festival campgrounds is taken into consideration, there’s also a distinct focus on enjoying the festivities while staying relatively clean and presentable, so there’s a good load of difference that just makes it a whole lot more suited for the festival crowd.

The Equippr Summit Festival Camping Kit comes with standard camping gear, like a tarp, a lantern, fluorescent marking tape, matches, a flashlight, string lights, a poncho (just in case it rains), bungee cords, a 50-foot rope, carabiners, and even a well-appointed first aid kit. However, they also throw in basic hygiene products like toothbrush, toothpaste, Baby Wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, insect wipes, and even breathmints, so you can keep clean while sweating it out hopping from stage to stage.

Just in case you’d like some peace and quiet, it comes with ear plugs for tuning out the noise from the massive speakers scattered along the campgrounds, as well as condoms just in case you’re planning to get lucky through it all (and, yes, you’re secretly hoping). Plus, they throw in five 13-gallon trash bags, so your tent doesn’t end up looking (and smelling) like your messy college dorm room. The whole thing comes inside a drawstring bag.

Available now, the Equippr Summit Festival Camping Kit is priced at $70.

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