Erazor Shrinks The Portable Shaver Into The Size Of A D-Cell Battery

There are plenty of electric shavers out there that are portable enough to fit in most pockets, allowing you to get a quick, clean shave anywhere at any time. The Erazor, though, takes portability up a notch by coming in a size that’s barely bigger than a D-cell battery.

That’s right, it’s an ultraportable electric shaver that measures a compact 2.2 x 1.5 inches (height x diameter), making it small enough to fit in shirt pockets, pant pockets, and any of the smaller pouches on whatever bag you’re carrying. At the size, there’s absolutely no reason not to keep it with you at all times, making it a whole lot easier to do some impromptu facial grooming as soon as the need comes up.

The Erazor looks much like any modern electric shaver, albeit in a more compact cylinder-shaped package. There’s a mesh screen on top of the shaving head, so there’s no chance of cutting anything other than your facial growth, with a trio of blades sitting underneath it performing the actual shaving. Unlike other shavers, though, the blades aren’t cut in metal. Instead, it uses zirconium dioxide ceramic blades, which, the outfit claims, boasts a hardness that exceeds even the best quality steel, allowing it to stay sharp for far longer. As such, the blade is rated to retain its edge for at least five years (more if you shave sparingly), requiring fewer replacements compared to metal alternatives over time.

Because it’s made from ceramic, the blade will not rust and mold, making it perfectly safe to wash under the tap. And yes, the mesh screen is removable, so you can easily take it off for easier access to the blade when cleaning. The whole thing is IPX7 waterproof, too, so you should be able to wash it without worries of having any part of the shaver take water damage.

The Erazor has a 6600 RPM high-torque motor that, the outfit claims, runs at around 1.5x the speed of common electric shavers, so it should mow through your face with no trouble, while the mesh measures just 0.05 mm thick, ensuring it will still deliver a close shave while protecting you from nicks and cuts. There’s a safety lock at the bottom of the shaver, by the way, so you can avoid accidentally switching it on while it sits in your pocket, eliminating the chances of unwittingly draining the battery while you go about your daily business.

It’s equipped with an 800mAh battery that, the outfit claims, should hold enough charge to last most people around two months of shaving. Yep, a full two months. There’s no word on whether they expect folks to shave daily or every other day to last that long, but whichever the case, the motor uses little enough power that everyone should be able to go multiple weeks between charges. When drained, the battery can be replenished via a USB connection in around two hours.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Erazor. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at around $50.

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