Ergon Desk Redesigns The Workspace For Easier Collaborations


While the isolating design of traditional cubicles (and cubicle mansions) have allowed people to focus on their jobs, it also limited their ability to easily interact with those around them. It’s fine if everyone’s doing individual tasks, but could end up being problematic once collaborative work is required. For modern offices where collaboration is a daily endeavor, the Ergon Desk might prove to be a more fitting setup.

Designed by Madrid-based Pynk Systems, it’s a six-person desk consisting of six individual workstations arranged in a circle, making it easy to physically communicate with everyone on the desk. No more getting up and walking over to the next cubicle to check with a co-worker – you can talk to five of them without having to get up from your chair.


Rather than stop at a teamwork-focused configuration, the Ergon Desk takes into account the different types of workspace customizations people do. As such, each individual workstation can be height-adjusted, enabling both standing and sitting configurations, along with options to precisely adjust the angle (up to 180-degrees) for the monitor/laptop platform. Even better, all adjustments are done electronically via an integrated touchscreen panel, with a save option that allows you to simply choose a previously-saved profile to have it adjust to your preferred working configuration.


Pynk Systems claim the design of the six-unit workstation is also space-efficient, allowing offices to save up to 38 percent of space compared to equivalent cubicle setups. All Ergon Desks in a single office can be interconnected, too, so they can share saved profiles, allowing folks to work anywhere in the office while still quickly setting up any workstation to their desired adjustments.

Learn more about the Ergon Desk from the official website.

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