eSpire Is An Electric Bike For Off-Road Riding

Want an electric bicycle you can take on your off-road adventures?  You might want to look out for the eSpire, an electric-assisted pedal pusher designed to run down your favorite rugged paths.

Made in Germany, the two-wheeled vehicle features a “hybrid drive.”  In this case, the hybrid reference speaks to its two-pronged operational ability, since it can be used like a regular e-bike (with electric assist) or driven with a throttle just like a motorcycle.

The eSpire sports a frame and wheels based off of mountain bikes, hinting at its rugged outdoor tendencies.  Assisting the pedal-pushed gears is a low-mounted BLDC 1.2kW electric motor, which delivers 150Nm of torque in complete silence.  It juices from a removable 820 Wh plug-in battery module (good for up to 1,500 recharges), which provides a range of 56 miles on electric assist and 40 miles on no-pedal riding.   An 80% quick charge can be had in 45 minutes, with a full charge taking around 3 hours.

Details of the bike include a tubular aluminum frame, polycarbonate housing for the motor, Marzocchi shocks for both the front and rear suspension and a 14-speed Rohloff gear.   It weighs a total of 66 lbs.

Two versions of the eSpire are available – Street Legal and Off-Road.  The former has a top speed of 28mph, which allows it to qualify as a scooter in some countries.  The Off-Road variant, on the other hand, can take riders at speeds of up to 40mph.  Pricing runs around 7,000 Euros (under $10,000), although availability is restricted to Germany for now.

[3-Element via Gizmag]