Essence E-Raw 04 Signature – Motorcycle or a Piece of Art?

Ever wanted to drive a motorcycle which looks like it belongs at the art gallery and not on the road? Essence Motorcycles have come up with a sleek and stylish range of motorcycles which look like pieces of art. Who doesn’t like the feel of the wind while driving a motorcycle? Even though most of us commute in cars, that love for motorcycles is always present. Bikes can zip past any traffic zooming in and out. It is always a thrill to find that you have escaped the traffic just because you are on a motorcycle.

Essence E-Raw 04 Signature

Feeling the power of the engine while driving on an empty stretch of road is one of the many thrills offered by a motorcycle. This is the reason why a lot of people prefer going on bike trips on weekends. It is very important for the bike to offer excellent riding comfort and power. It is not just enough if the motorcycle looks very stylish. Of course, that is an added advantage! Essence Motorcycles started from a prototype for an all-electric vehicle. This soon became very popular, and a lot of people began appreciating the idea and design.  The company has come with a new range of motorcycles which are top of the line in terms of both the specifications as well as design.

Essence Signature

The motorcycle is designed in such a way that the seat takes center stage. The seat has a unique design and is made of a particular type of aluminum. It also boasts of excellent shock absorbers. So if you are planning a long trip through areas which are likely to have a lot of potholes or bumpy roads, fret not. This motorcycle is built for such trips. This is not your average motorcycle used just for commuting short distances. It is built for speed and durability.

Feeling the power of the engine is one of the things we all love while riding a motorcycle. This bike comes with a 205 horsepower motor. The sheer pleasure of driving such a machine is unimaginable. With 295 lb-ft of torque and zero traction control, it is indeed a piece of art. The bike can boost up to a speed of 62 mph in less than 3 seconds. This kind of makes you wonder if this is initial speed, then what would be its top speed? This machine boasts of a top speed of about 125 mph.

Essence Signature Motorcycle

No matter how many luxury cars we buy, motorcycles will always remain our first love. For those who admire motorcycles as if they are pieces of art, this range of bikes from Essence Motorcycles is a must buy. Anyone who sees the motorcycle is sure to fall in love with its simple design. The specifications of the motorcycle are unparalleled and offer great driving pleasure. E-Raw 04 Signature is one of the best in the world of motorcycles and there is no denying that. Take her for a spin, and you are sure to end up buying one of these machines.

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