Essentia Vitae Wine Looks Like Perfume, Smells Like It, Too

I wouldn’t mind packaging wine into bottles that look like they contain perfume.  Except I’ll be doing it as a joke.  Mazzetti d’Altavilla is doing it while wearing a serious face with their Essentia Vitae wines.

Designed for women, the wine bottles are intentionally dolled up to look like perfume bottles to make them a lot more attractive to the fairer gender.  You know how when you’re shopping for wine, you can end up baffled by the sheer amount of choices that all look the same?  If you were a guy, you’d just say “Screw it” and get a six-pack of beer instead.  But if you were a girl, they’re betting that the prettiest bottle is more likely to end up as your pick.

The Essentia Vitae comes in three flavors with names that are actually more suited to fragrances than vino:  No. 4 Ruche (jasmine-scented), No. 6 Malvasia (rose-scented), and No. 8 Moscato (violet-scented).  That means you can accidentally douse yourself with the wine, thinking it’s perfume, and it still won’t be too bad, since they smell flowery anyway.

Each of the three 700 ml bottles come in a different shape, making it just a tad easier to identify one from the other.  That way, you can just tell the clerk at the wine store that you want the perfume-like wine with the cone-style container in case you forget the flavor.

Of course, the entire landscape turns confusing again once other wine manufacturers decide to take Essentia Vitae’s cue and package their own products inside similarly perfume-like bottles.   But I guess someone will come up with another way to stand out once we get there.

[via DrVino]