This ETE Plate Comes With Portion Guides That Will Help You Avoid Eating Too Much

While counting calories can help when trying to cut down on your food consumption, it isn’t an absolute necessity.  In fact, restricting yourself to healthy portions for every meal is usually enough.  If you need assistance with determining the correct portion sizes, this ETE Plate should help steer you the right way.

At first glance, it looks just like a regular plate with some colorful lines printed on it for decoration.  Except, it isn’t.  Instead, the lines are actually portion guides for different types of food, giving you fixed boundaries for every type of grub you pile on the dish.

The ETE Plate has a designated section for carbs (yellow lines), where you’re expected to restrict all your rice, pasta, breads, potatoes, and similar starchy food.  In addition to carbs, it has guidelines for four other food types, namely meats (red lines) which overlaps with mixed (the blue lines, for when you’re having a dish with meat and veggies, for instance), which, in turn, overlaps with vegetables (green lines).  The veggies, in turn, overlap with the salads (orange lines).  That’s it.  There’s a section on the plate that’s meant to be left empty (the one with dotted lines) while you pile on the food, so that the grub has enough room to shuffle around when you do start eating, which we guess is way better than having them fall off the plate.

ETE’s portioning, by the way, is based on the Dutch nutrition guidelines for adults, which recommends 170 to 200 grams of starchy foods, 200 grams of vegetable or legumes, and 100 to 125 grams of meat or fish in every meal.  Do note, there’s absolutely nothing on the plate that will stop you from stacking your food half a foot tall, so eating like a glutton is still totally within the guidelines.

Available now, the ETE Plate retails for €24.50.

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