Eva Solo Gravity Cookware Comes With A Versatile Lid That Does Way More Than Cover The Pot


Like other cooking pots, you fill the Gravity Cookware with your ingredients and you put it on top of a stove to cook whatever dish you’re making for dinner. Unlike them, it comes with a unique lid that does more than just cover the pot.

Made by Eva Solo, the lid is custom-designed to solve various kitchen problems that the company describes as being “caused by gravity.” You know, stuff like overflows and accidents when draining water from the pot, rather than dropping a pot full of cooked pasta on your toes because you have clumsy hands.   Yeah, that kind of hurts.


The Eva Solo Gravity Cookware features a transparent top lid, so you can easily see how the food is doing without having to lift it up. More than that, though, the lid comes attached to the edge of the pot, so it never has to be lifted off (it’s designed to stand in place at the edge when opened) and set down in the kitchen counter when stirring your sauce or adding ingredients, ensuring less mess. There’s also a built-in steam vent to eliminate overflowing, as well as a built-in colander that lets you drain water from boiled pasta by simply raising and twisting the lid to create a small opening where water can be safely poured out.


Construction is polished stainless steel for the pot, so it should play nice with gas, electric, and induction cooktops. Lid is made from silicone with a clear glass in the center, similar to the Kuhn Rikon Universal Smart Lid.

Available in three sizes, pricing for the Eva Solo Gravity Cookware starts at $169.

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