Evaporative Cooling Hat

evaporative-cooling-hat-1Everyone knows that Indiana Jones didn’t just wear the Fedora for style.  The archaeologist wore the brown wide-brimmed icon of treasure hunting style to protect against the sun, rain and sometimes bullets, arrows or falling rock.  Well, you may not be planning to retrieve the Golden Idol from a tomb in Peru, but you can one-up Indy with this hat that not only provides the best shade and protection any hat could offer – but also is specifically designed to use water to keep your head cool.

It’s called the Evaporative Cooling Hat and it is a stylish, wide 3” brim with matching braided band that offers +50 UPF protection against the sun, which is the highest protection you can get by the way, as well as keeping your head up to 30 degrees cooler than the hot, baking air directly around it by using water to cool your head.  Simply douse the hat with the aforementioned chemical compound and shake off the excess.  The Evaporative Cooling Hat conducts your body head outward, while at the same time retaining the cool water and releasing it slowly as evaporation.
The Evaporative Cooling Hat even has a ventilated crown that aids that cooling, and a braided cinch cord that keeps the hat on your head – in case you really are ducking under closing passageways and running from giant rolling boulders.  Hey – if Indy had owned one of these he would have been cooler, happier and might not have nearly lost his hand retrieving his hat from the giant closing stone door.