Replace Your Bike’s Front Wheel With The Evelo Omni And Turn It Into An Electric Assist Ride


When it comes to equipping a bike with an electric drivetrain, I doubt anything can beat the ease of installation that comes with Rubbee. If you find its appearance just a little bit distracting, though (a chunky box on your rear end probably isn’t for everyone), you may want to look at the Evelo Omni Wheel, a wheel replacement that doubles as an electric drivetrain for a more seamless aesthetic.

With all components hidden inside a closed wheel, it looks more like a natural part of the bicycle, rather than a bulky add-on that kinda ruins the ride’s form. It also takes just 30 minutes to set up, so you can be up and running with electric assist on your bike in no time.


The Evelo Omni Wheel can install in the front wheel of almost any size and style of bicycle – fixies, mountain bikes, trikes, and everything in between are all fair game.   It houses a 250-watt motor that can push it to top speeds of 20 mph, with two battery options, an 8,700 mAh module that delivers a 25-mile range and a 14,500 mAh unit that stretches that to 31 miles. Two wheel sizes are available: 26- and 28-inches.


While the Evelo Omni Wheel isn’t the first wheel replacement to give ordinary bicycles an electric drivetrain (we’ve seen crowdfunded products like FlyKly and Copenhagen Wheel before), it might very well be the first to make it to market, as the company preps to commence its deliveries as soon as March. It’s now available for preorder, with prices starting at $999.

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