Evening Breeze Canopi Puts A Cooling Roof Over Your Bed

Summer is around the corner. And sleeping while sweating profusely is in again. But not for you, cause you’ve got air-conditioning installed in your bedroom. Problem is, cooling the entire room adds serious piles of cash you can’t afford to your electric bill. What to do?

Outfit your current bed with the Evening Breeze Canopi, an air-conditioning system that restricts the temperature change to within your sleeping area. That way, you use the minimum amount of energy, all while providing enough cooling breeze to get yourself a good night’s sleep.

The system uses a canopy designed for placement over the bed, making it look more like a decorative addition than a functional cooling system. It takes air from under the bed, removes its heat using a bundled dehumidifier and uses the canopy’s integrated ventilation system to distribute the conditioned air within the sleeping area. Entire operation is quiet and draft-free, making it convenient for use, whether you’re taking naps or lying on the bed watching TV.

According to Evening Breeze, the cooling will be focused strictly on the bedspace, making it unnecessary to insulate your room. That means you can open the windows to let some fresh air into the room. It comes with a remote too, so you can adjust the temperature without having to get off your back.

The Evening Breeze Canopi promises to shave up to 60% on your electric bill, compared to a conventional air-conditioner. However, they’re currently pricing it at $4,570, so it’s not exactly a painless replacement. They do claim it should last for years and years, which means the savings it facilitates could really add up.

[Evening Breeze via Unpluggd]