EverBlock: Finally, Giant LEGO Bricks For Building Functional Objects


Early this year, we saw the classic Erector toy supersized for building functional full-sized furniture. And it was glorious. This time around, a company called EverBlock is doing the same using supersized LEGO-like bricks, allowing you to build usable furniture with the same ease you put together your favorite LEGO sets.

A modular furniture system, it lets you build, practically, any type of functional furniture and home fixtures without having to mess with hammers, drivers, and hardware fasteners. Like construction toys, each component interlocks, so you simply have to stack and connect the individual parts to make everything from tables to benches to bookshelves to standalone backyard cabins that can serve as your private man-cave.


The EverBlock uses just four types of modules: a full block (12 x 6 x 6 inches), a half block (6 x 6 x 6 inches), a quarter block (3 x 6 x 6 inches), and a finishing cap (12 x 6 inches). Lugs on top of each block and ribbing on the underside allow the modules to fasten securely, allowing you to build a wide selection of blocky shapes, with the finishing caps allowing you to top things off with a flat surface. All of the blocks are hollow, so a single one isn’t likely to support very heavy weights, although they do come with internal cross-ribbing for added weight support, along with holes for adding support ribs like dowels and rebars. Plus, you can stagger the blocks to increase strength, similar to the way masons arrange cinder blocks to build strong walls. Basically, it’s a properly-designed building material that just happens to use LEGO-style connectors to ease construction.  It’s awesome.


Available now, EverBlock can be bought per module or as a set. Prices start at $3.95 for quarter blocks and finishing caps, $5.25 for half-blocks, and $7.25 for full blocks.


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