This Boxing Sports Tracker Can Identify The Type, Speed, And Power Of Every Punch You Throw


We’re big fans of PIQ’s multi-sport sensors, which offer some of the most creative sports tracking solutions in the market. This time around, they’re bringing those same smarts to the sweet science with the Everlast x PIQ Robot Blue.

That’s right, boxing is getting its own activity tracking device, courtesy of this new partnership between the boxing gear manufacturer and the sports monitoring outfit. And it’s quite the sophisticated rig, not just identifying the varying mechanics of a jab, a cross, and a hook, but recognizing the differences in effectiveness between a throwaway jab, a stinging straight, and a brain-scrambling overhand throw.

The Everlast x PIQ Robot Blue consists of a hand wrap with an integrated mount and the blue version of PIQ spots-tracking devices. Simply wear the wrap like your normally do, dock the device into the mount, and slip on your boxing gloves over the ensemble. Done. From there, you just commence bag work, hitting mitts, or going all-out sparring with other crazy boxing students in the gym. Oh yeah, the mount is removable, so you can attach it to other wraps when necessary (like when it begins to stink).

PIQ claims their sensor can understand and analyze microscopic variations in boxing strikes, allowing it to accurately identify any type of punch, it’s speed, and the amount of power it carries. Granted, it can’t account for how well you’re planting your feet, throwing your hips, and other important factors that play into punching mechanics, but this is as precise a monitoring tool as we’ve seen.

Slated to ship end of February, the Everlast x PIQ Robot Blue is priced at $79.

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