Evil Hot Gummi Bears Come With Habanero Chili

You like Gummi Bears.  You like ’em big.  You like ’em small.  You like ’em in all colors.  You like ’em so much, you end up finishing a bag faster than you can check your email in the morning.  And that’s not a good thing.  You need to find a way to control this obsessive Gummi munching.  Maybe these Evil Hot Gummi Bears could help.

Shaped and sized like regular Gummi Bears, these candies hide a dark secret: they’re built to torch your mouth.  Unlike regular versions that you can shovel down your mouth by the fistful, this will require you to hold back your consumption just a bit — lest you enjoy the constant burning sensation of Habanero chili spreading all over your face.

The Evil Hot Gummi Bears share that same sweet, fruity and rubbery quality the confectionery has been known for since its introduction in the 1920s.  However, these ones add a spicy kick that can make you regret shoving a handful in your mouth, making it an ideal treat for Gummi Bear addicts trying to cut down on their habit and pranksters looking to get some laughs off the expense of Gummi Bear addicts expecting their usual fare.

Firebox has the Evil Hot Gummi Bears in 250-gram bags, priced at £4.99 each.