Evrgrn Backpack Cooler Straps 24 Cans Of Beer On Your Back


You can bring a large cooler to the beach if you want a full case of beer in tow, but if you’re going to do a lot of walking around, we doubt it’s the most convenient thing to have with you. What you need is something that can hold 24 cans, keep your beer cold, and strap to your back with the convenience of a bag. That’s exactly what the Evrgrn Backpack Cooler brings to the party.

Made by REI, it’s a backpack with a detachable 24.5-liter cooler, allowing you to haul a full case of beer using your broad shoulders and strong upper body. No more inconveniently dragging a wheeled cooler on the ground or breaking your wrists carrying a large box with your hands – just hoist it over your back and move to the next spot with all your beers in tow.

The Evrgrn Backpack Cooler measures 18.5 x 13 x 7.5 inches, so it’s quite big for a backpack, with an unusual box-shaped profile. Yes, it looks odd and somewhat unwieldy, but it seems comfortable enough for a backpack that carries a full night’s worth of libation for several people (or just yourself, if you don’t like to share). Aside from the removable, waterproof cooler bag, it comes with a large exterior pocket for holding food and other supplies, loop straps that can hold a decent-sized picnic blanket, and an interior zippered pocket for small items and valuables. It comes with a durable, weather-resistant exterior and padded shoulder straps.


Available now, the REI Evrgrn Backpack Cooler is priced at $75.

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