Ewee-PT Brings Segway Function In A Compact Size

Think the Segway’s a good idea, if not for the clunky size?  You’ll probably want to check out the Ewee-PT, a self-balancing motorized scooter that brings the Segway’s functionality down to a compact size.

Devised by German company Ewee, they’re billing the mobility device as “the Segway’s little sister.”  An appropriate moniker, I guess, since they seem to have drawn inspiration from the pioneering personal transporter, tweaking the design to feature sleeker, less obtrusive proportions.

The Ewee-PT is a small electric transporter featuring a barebones design.  I’ll be honest – it looks flimsy, but the demo video sure makes it look like a viable scooter option.  With the small wheels and low profile, it might be best for indoor use, though. You accelerate by leaning forward, decelerate by leaning back and steer using a joystick along the handlebar.

It carries just a little over half the Segway’s weight and is extremely compact, making it convenient to stow away after use.   We don’t have details on the motor or rechargeable battery pack, but it will reportedly take you to a max speed of 16 kph and provide an effective range of around 8 km.

While seriously cheaper than the Segway, the Ewee-PT is still a little too far up the price range to be considered a children’s toy.  It’s currently available on preorder for €799 ($1,039).

[Ewee-pt via Engadget]