ExiTool Cuts Seatbelts, Breaks Windows And Helps You Find Your Way To Safety

Every year, there are more than six million car accidents in the United States alone. Some are nasty that you have no control over and its just bad luck, karma or what ever you wanna call it. Then there are situations that are scary, need quick thinking and action. You never know when you’ll figure in a crazy one, of course – like jumping off a cliff, diving in the water or sliding on a puddle of oil then knocking a giant lorry over before running into a zombie. Just in case you do, it’s always best to be prepared with the ExiTool, an emergency contraption that can help you get out of crazy tight situations.

Created by custom knife-maker Russ Kommer, the multi-function tool came out of a need to provide a simple implement that will allow motorists to bust their way out of nasty road accidents. Designed to clip onto your seatbelt for easy access, you don’t need to be MacGyver to free yourself out of a bind. Just calm yourself, pop off the implement and get to work.

The ExiTool can attach onto any standard-size seatbelt using a built-in folding clasp, allowing you to have an easily accessible tool in cases of emergency when reaching into either your pocket or the glove compartment might prove a little too difficult. It integrates a high-carbon stainless steel belt cutter (.5-inch long) for snapping those straps with one quick pull, a tungsten carbide breaker point for shattering windows into pieces and a battery-powered LED light. It weighs a light 1.6 grams too, so it won’t intrude on your driving the whole time you’ve got it on standby.

While sensational car wrecks with vehicles turning over and piling into a heap (or submerging in a lake) happen mostly in the movies, you never know whats around next corner. And if that’s the case, wouldn’t you rather be ready than sorry? Now if you don’t drive, then that’s another matter altogether – although that window breaker continues to sound mighty dandy.

You may find the need to use an ExiTool but once in your life, yet that single time should make the $26.99 price sound like an absolute bargain. Now if someone can just put something like this into cell phones, it’d be double awesome.

[CRKT via The Awesomer]