EXOvault Aluminum iPhone Case


When you spend as much on your cell phone as you might spend on a week’s vacation away somewhere, you probably want to protect it. Ok, so insurance policies will cover you for most nasty accidents and carelessness, but simply for convenience, most of us would rather not damage our overly expensive cell phone handsets, right? (And I don’t think any AT&T is offering insurance on iPhone anyway).

Well the EXOvault case is certainly heavy duty, if nothing else. These cases are custom built to order and come in 2 pieces, fitting the iPhone as any other case would. But where your bog standard case might cost you just a few dollars, these will set you back between $95 and $300 dollars each. Of course part of that is to do with the fact that they are custom built as orders come in. But apart from that they’re built from fairly heavy metals.


For $95 you can have an iPhone case in either aluminum or brass. If you want to get a little more flash however, they also offer a titanium version of the case for a handsome price of $300. Now for me as a standard non-iPhone user, that’s the same price as my phone and thus makes no sense. But for the avid iPhone users who have spent a small fortune on handsets and accessories, the heavy duty cases do provide a little bit of extra protection, I would imagine.

But surely you have to wonder how much that will weigh? What impresses me most when I first took a look at an iPhone, was simply how much is stuffed in to one of those things and how light by comparison it is! If you then go and wrap that in a heavy duty metal case, is there not a possibility that putting in your pocket is going to hang your jeans around your knees? Anyway, if you want one of these for iPhone protection (or weight lifting) you can find out more here. EXOvault

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