Exuvius Collar Stays Keep You Dapper, Ready For Emergencies

Pocket multi-tools have never been my thing — my pockets are crowded enough as it is.  Wearable multi-tools, on the other hand, are a whole other matter, requiring no extra space than what they’d be taking anyway.  And if you’re going to dapper up like James Bond, these Exuvius Collar Stays should help keep you ready for multi-tool emergencies.

Like any good set of bones, the rigid metal stick will stabilize your collar, making sure it lies flat and crisp in the correct place while you wheel and deal in your gentlemanly attire.  Not satisfied with its singular function, this thing brings multi-tool versatility to go with keeping your collars from propping up, ready to perform a handful of other functions at a moment’s notice.

The Exuvius Collar Stay is a 2.5-inch long titanium stick that can fit all spread, wide, close, medium and semi-spread dress shirt collars.   While most multi-tools beat it in sheer number of functions, the fact that it acts as you actual collar stay sort of makes the four other talents a bonus.  Plus, a bulky swiss knife does not exactly go well with a stylish suit.

As a multi-tool, it serves an additional four functions: a half-phillips screwdriver, a slot screwdriver, a wire cutter and, of course, the requisite bottle opener.  Plus, a little extra work on a blade sharpener might be able to shave enough metal to turn it into a makeshift knife.

You can get the Exuvius Collar Stay in pairs, priced at $30.  If you want a backup pair, you can send off for four at a slightly discounted $50.

[Yanko Design via The Gadgeteer]