EZ Grill Brings Portable, Disposable All-In-One Barbecue Action

Summer and barbecues go hand in hand.  Lazy and grilling don’t.   Pulling off a grilling session, whether for a backyard get-together or a tailgating party, often involves a world of hassle and mess that doesn’t match well with your lazy ass.   The EZ Grill, an off-the-shelf disposable instant grilling suite, offers a convenient solution.

Boxed in a slim, easy-to-carry package, the all-in-one solution brings everything you need to stage a delicious barbecue without having to handle a mass of supplies.  Yep, a fully-functional grill and all the charcoal you need for an hour and a half of cooking burgers, kebabs and chicken intestines.  Yes, grilled chicken intestines – that shit is wicked.

The EZ Grill is a pre-packaged grilling solution, containing a foil pan, stand, grill grate and 100% natural charcoal (no artificial chemicals), designed for single use.  Once you’re done cooking, simply chuck the recyclable parts into the trash, saving you from the trouble of having to clean dirty, greasy grilling equipment as you would when packing your own stuff.

It comes in two sizes, a small 10 x 12.2 inch regular grill and a larger 19 x 12.2 inch grill for parties.   Setting the charcoal burning is as simple as lighting the corner of the starter sheet, letting it burn for around 15 minutes.  Once the flames die down, just dump your meat and other food items, cooking them like a regular barbecue.

If the impressive hassle-free utility isn’t enough, the EZ Grill is extremely cheap too.  The regular model retails individually for as low as $4.99 on Amazon, with the party version going for as low as $8.99 apiece.  They’re also available in sets of three and four for even lower prices.
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