With The EZStax, Your Neatly-Folded Stack Of Clothes Will Never Be Disturbed


I love looking at neatly folded shirts stacked on top of one another in the drawer. Problem is, they rarely stay that way. As soon as someone grabs a shirt from the middle of a stack, it’s not uncommon to see that stack end up an unsightly mess. If that bothers you as much as my obsessive-compulsive tendencies, you might want to look at the EZStax.

A clothes-organizing solution, it’s a set of stackable trays that you can use to ensure your meticulously-folded stack of shirts, towels, and other garments are left undisturbed, even when your clumsiest child pulls out a favorite item from the middle of the pile. It does that by ensuring each garment doesn’t touch any other garment in the stack, enabling each one to be pulled out without affecting the rest.


EZStax consists of individual trays designed to hold one folded garment each. When stacked together, the trays interlock in the back, so you can push the pile out of the way without causing any item to fall off.   To get a shirt from the pile, simply raise the trays on top of it like a lid, pull out the shirt, set the trays back down, and you’re done – with the shirt you wanted in hand and the rest of the stack undisturbed. This should also make a great solution for keeping clothes in your luggage neatly folded and unwrinkled throughout a trip.


Each tray measures 12 x 14 x 2 inches (w x l x h), with a transparent construction, so you can easily see your clothes without having dig through the stack. The interlocking design also allows you to keep taller stacks stable the whole time, so you can use it to stack clothes on the floor and grow them to human height if you want to. Yes, I actually kinda want to…

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for EZStax. Pledges to reserve a set of 20 starts at $20.

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